I’m a human-centered designer with core skills in Product-, UX- and Interaction Design.

I am aiming to help companies envisioning the future and creating an impact on people, therefore I like to work with user research and iterative prototyping methods. 

Hi, my name is Kathrin. I recently graduated from the Master Design for Interaction at the Delft University of Technology in cooperation with Pontes Medical, the healthcare innovation department inside the UMC Utrecht. The topic was designing an information system for the future process of emergency care.

Master of Science in Design for Interaction

In my master studies I dived deep into the understanding of the user’s behaviour and a product’s context, which became an essential part of my research and design process. The studies shaped me to a designer for impact – working across the boundaries of product, interface or service design. My aim is to envision meaningful interactions and experiences in our future world and help companies align their design to technology, user and business needs. Therefore I love working at the sweet spot of translating insights into a vision and new product manifestation, which can be tested and optimised in agile prototyping iterations.

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Product Design

I did my Bachelor studies in Integrated Product Design at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany and gained work experience at the design agency LUNAR Europe. I contributed to international design projects during the FlightCase Hong Kong program and did a group project in cooperation with TomTom in Amsterdam.

empathic with users & context
can handle complex briefings
visionary designer for impact
skilled in sketching & model making
goal oriented team player
analytical researcher & thinker

Work experience

Research & Strategy

Context mapping  |  Brand & Market analysis  |  User Research  |  Product analysis  |  Process analysis & User journey mapping  |  Co-creation  |  Creative Workshops  |  Requirement sheet  |  Value proposition  |  Business model canvas  |  Road mapping

Conducting and analysing user research

I can set up user research and conduct it through various methods like interviews, observations and focus group sessions. After immersing in the context I derive insights by analysing findings through mapping user journeys, creating personas and storyboards, or generating a SWOT analysis. Due to my good visualisation skills, I can show and communicate key research insights very well to a team.

Translating key insights to meaningful visions

My analytical skills let me translate research insights into strategies that can be used in ideation and formulating value propositions. I can handle complex briefings well and consider business strategies and technical requirements.

I am trained in facilitating co-creation workshops with clients in order to foster their involvement and align the process to their needs.

UX & Interaction Design

Interaction & Experience Vision  |  Scenarios & Use flows  |  Wireframing applications  |  User Experience  |  Interface & graphic design  |  Animations & Videos  |  Storytelling

Envision & design easy to use products and experiences

According to a behavioural analysis I am able to define an ideal experience vision with qualities or a scenario. I have an intuitive sense of aesthetics and use it to create easy to use product interfaces. I love structuring information in use flows and I can derive simplistic ways of interacting with a product or application.

Prototyping for optimal usability

With an holistic view on interactions, I can conceptualise them for physical products, their screens as well as for digital applications. Thereby I can craft any kind of interactive prototype or demonstrator, apart from coding. Through animating interfaces I can test their usability and iterate on the design in an agile way.

Product Design

Brainstorming & other Ideation methods  |  Sketching  |  Component packaging  Styling variations  |  Mock-ups & Rapid prototyping  |  CAD modelling  |  Rendering  |  Technical drawing  |  Prototype testing  |  Presentation  |  Feedback implementation

Generating ideas and variations

From ideation to refinement, I love to alternate between creative and analytical methods. I can develop ideas through hand sketching and elaborate on them through iterative modelling – physically and digitally.

Developing products from in- and outside

My technical knowledge of materials, production methods and mechanics is good enough to design products’ inside structure, solid components as well as their surfaces. Furthermore, I can create technical drawings and I am able to work together with engineers.

Communicating stories & unique features

In renderings, animations and prototypes I can visualise the product’s usage and present all results to clients or customers. Lately I also gained experiences in movie making and editing, in order to tell a product or service story. Furthermore I have good graphical and writing skills, which I can use in creating presentations and reports.

Educational background