Bathroom concept on 8m2

In cooperation with Villeroy&Boch, coached by Njustudio.

‘Vision8’ | 3rd semester | team of 2 students | 2012 | Integrated Product Design | Coburg University of Applied Science

The body workshop

Making use of spacial intersections

In the bathroom “Körperwerkstatt” strict space separations were thought over, connecting elements in an intelligent way. For example, the basin can be reached through the shower screen while showering.

New tangible interactions with water

We created new intuitive ways of interaction with water. Water can appear in many different forms – the faucets in the bathroom allow the user to shape out coming water on his own. The flow of water is controlled by moving the sliders together or apart. The bathroom concept can be applied to many different floor plans, as the three arrangements show. This was achieved by keeping the design clean and flexible.

Modular storage slider

Another key feature is the wall panel, in which a range of storage compartments and accessories can be mounted and moved around.