Interactive power socket

‘Interactive Technology Design’ | team of 5 students | 2015 | Studies of Design for Interaction | Delft University of Technology

Energy wasting behaviour in office spaces

It was found out that in open office spaces, people do not behave sustainable with energy, because of a lack of responsibility. Therefore our goal was to make them aware of their energy use, in order to safe costs. Furthermore the feeling of using/wasting energy was analysed to rethink how people can visually and haptically sense energy flows and experience feedback.

Agile technology tinkering process

The projects was executed in weekly sprints throughout one semester, starting early on with ‘technology tinkering’ and interaction prototyping. Finally the functional prototype could have been exhibited and tested by people, who could then experience to be cut off from energy to again share it with others by tilting the power socket.

Volt is a power plug that makes people aware of connected devices in order to trigger sustainable choices. It lets people divide energy according to their needs, so no energy is wasted on stand-by connections. The act of sharing resources with others, stimulates social responsibility and makes people more conscious about their own energy consumption.