Outdoor LED lighting and entrance system

Designing a product range of outdoor lights with LED-technology, glass and bent stainless steel housings

‘Design and construction’ | team of 4 students | 2013 | Integrated Product Design | Coburg University of Applied Science

I was responsible for product research, conceptualisation, embodiment, CAD and prototyping.

Research and design process

Through material research, sketches and mock-ups our team explored the innovative possibilities of LED technology and developed a modular product range, that can be configured to each building’s entrance.

outLED is constructed from inside – out in order to make best use of the LEDs and reduce production costs

Modular construction

The modular product range consists of standing floor and bollard lamps, wall mounted lamps with house numbers, a mail box and door communication.

Side-emitting power LED unit

The most important element of outLED is its light unit. It consists of a glass disk, perforated with a pattern of light reflecting holes. In the centre of the disk, there’s a custom made board with three special side-emitting LEDs on it.

The challenge was to lead the light in the right angle and construct a compact package which also provides enough cooling for the high power LEDs.