Fusion Series

Self manufactured tableware

‘Serial – unconventional’ | 6th semester | team of 2 students | 2012 | Integrated Product Design | Coburg University of Applied Science

The project was all about creating an unique look and feel of tableware objects that reflect their production method. The movie shows how we handcrafted the tableware out of plastic granulate.

Low tech production process

The main idea of this project was to develop an easy way of producing a small series for a design shop. We made characteristic bowls and vases by fusing plastic granulate. In our small production line, I first filled aluminium forms with plastic granulate. The forms are then heated constantly by a flame and the plastic begins to melt on one side. After cooling, the tableware is finished off with a logo made of sealing wax.

Surface aesthetics

There‘s a high contrast between the inner and the outer surface structure: one is smooth with the imprint of the brushed aluminium mold – on the other side you can still see the pallets, which are only moulted in the inside.