Home sound system

Designing emotional connections between users and their digital products –
applied on a case study on a home audio system for interaction with digital music collections.

Bachelor thesis | individual work | 2014 | Studies of Integrated Product Design | Coburg University of Applied Science (Germany)

Design process

In the development I went through researching the (future) context of listening to music, where I found changes/problems in the interaction with digital songs, e.g. in transition from mobile to home context.

Through sketching and prototyping with foam, cardboard and acting out interactions I designed the interface and hardware of the concept. The chosen audio system concept was selected to fit into a market gap for stationary yet interactive speakers.

Future Vision of SoundPool

In a connected future people will consume music by streaming it online instead of owning it, but these digital collections are not present in homes. Therefore people loose the relationship to music, forget what they liked in the past and sometimes even do not care what to listen to. With the audio system SoundPool I created a meaningful touch point for digital music in people’s homes.

The digital and tangible interface of “SoundPool” allows great control of settings and discover features. A second slim display in the middle of the speaker gives easy access to playlists. People’s daily practice of charging their phone at home is used to smoothen the transition from mobile to home music. Smartphones can be placed on the speaker’s surface to syncronise while charging.

SoundPool allows for a more tangible control
of digital music and triggers people to discover