Eco-design for an electric kettle

Design of an electric water kettle, that increases energy efficiency and reduces the mix of materials and amount of components.

‘Design & Construction’ | 6th semester | team of 2 students | 2012 |
Integrated Product Design | Coburg University of Applied Science

Reduced parts & material mix

During the analysis of a standard water kettle we found out that 60% of the parts used in a standard kettle belong to the top cover and the handle. Accordingly we aimed to reduce the amount of parts, while also reducing a material mix.

Easy to hold, fill & pour

Furthermore the main result of the user observation were difficulties in the ergonomics of the handle. Therefore our goal was to make filling and pouring water as easy as possible.

Ceramic-Silicon Carafe

In the concept, the ceramic kettle is shaped like a carafe, making an extra handle redundant. A coloured silicon shows the user where to grip the kettle. In search of an alternative solution for the top cover, we came up with the idea of a funnel, which leads the water in and out.

Because of it’s constructional simplicity, the kettle is easy to disassemble and the materials can be separated, making it more eco-friendly.

The final design is a unique carafe shaped cooker with a clever funnel system. The integral silicone grip makes a complex handle redundant.